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Offshore First Aid:

The main objective of this course is to provide training suitable for sailors planning to participate in offshore races or passages which meet the criteria for ISAF's Offshore Special Regulations Category 1. 

This 2.5 day course includes the content typically covered in a Standard First Aid or Marine Basic First Aid course, plus extended material, and meets or exceeds the requirements of OSR 6.05 Medical Training that are applicable to Category 1.  CPR-A and AED training is included. 

Course Covers:

Anatomy and Physiology, Rescue Scene Assessment, Primary Survey, Conscious/Unconscious Choking, Artifical Respiration, Cardiovascular Emergencies, AED, Deadly Bleeding, Shock, Burns and Scalds, Minor Wound Care, Medical/Behavioral Emergencies, Rescue and Transport of Casualty, First Aid Kits, Enclosed Spaces, Infectious Diseases.  Extended material includes telemedical communications, hypothermia, offshore medical kits and significant wound care. 


Participants who successfully complete the training will receive certification for Standard First Aid, CPR-A and AED.  


Approximately 6-8 hours of instruction will be self-guided using course-supplied advance material. 

Approximately 14 hours of instruction will be instructor-led in the classroom. 

The course will be delivered by Peak Emergency Response Training. 


CA$300.00, plus GST


Dates & Registration:  

First class, October 31 - November 1, 2015, Vancouver
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Second class, March 12-13, 2016, Vancouver
     (rescheduled from February 6-7, 2016)
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Third class, March 19-20, 2016, Vancouver
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